This Trading Policy is to:
  • Establish and maintain our credibility as a promoter of fair-trading practices and ethically traded goods and services.
  • Promote globally acceptable labour standards forming part of ethical supply chains.
  • Create awareness of fair and ethical trading amongst Ibom’s staff, clients, suppliers, sub-contractors, and business partners.
  • Ensure that the company conforms to all local and international trade legislation where applicable.
  • Ensure that Ibom’s business endeavours as conducted for all its business activities are within the scope of the Ethical Trading Initiative base-code.
As part of our Ethical Trading Policy we ensure that:
  • Freedom of association is respected
  • Child Labour is prohibited
  • Provision of safe, clean, and hygienic working conditions is maintained
  • Working hours are in line with provisions of the Nigerian labour law
  • The rates of pay exceed the government minimum wage
  • Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated
  • Only workers who have a legal right to work are employed
  • Any harsh or inhumane treatment is not tolerated

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